Broads Bee is a family run Honey Bee Farm located in the heart of the Norfolk Broads.  Run by John and Clare we are focussed on producing the best, all natural honey, high quality locally adapted queen bees and nucleus colonies.  We also make beautiful beeswax candles.  In swarm season we offer free swarm collection in our special area of Norfolk, and at harvest time we can handle that messy honey extraction job for other beekeepers too.

Our beekeeping is all about looking after our colonies carefully to maximise their health, their productivity and their calm and gentle nature.  Nobody wants to work with angry bees!  We take the honey which the colonies can spare, then we present it to you in striking jars sold on our website, and other carefully chosen outlets in Norfolk.

Our beekeeping business has grown out of our boatyard of all things.  To learn more about how this came about, click here and read about our journey.

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  Our honey is usually harvested from the hives that we manage... 

Beeswax Candles

Our 100% beeswax candles are made from the by-products of our honey...